Instagrammer Will Help Fuel Your Raptor Love

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Instagram User Shane 2018 Ford Raptor

Watch out Ford, Shane is here to blow your Marketing Department away.

Think of all those great truck pictures that Ford releases. The Blue Oval loves showing off their F-Series trucks traversing some of the most beautiful landscapes you can imagine. They spend untold amounts of money just to make sure their F-150 looks so damn cool that millions of people will run out and purchase them. If you’re reading this, Ford, forget spending ridiculous amounts of marketing cash. Just use Shane’s pictures.

For those looking for a new Instagram obsession, we got you covered. Instagram user rshane2016, aka Shane, is a guy that loves taking pictures of his new 2018 Raptor. Now, anyone who owns a 2018 Raptor loves taking pictures of it because the truck is a beautiful feat of automotive engineering. Where Shane’s pictures separate him from the millions of amateur truck photogs out there is the quality of his locations.

Shane doesn’t just take pictures of his incredible truck in a parking lot or his driveway, though he has those as well. No, he’s out there on trails, in the snow, and in the desert, showing exactly what this beast of a truck is capable of doing. And more times than not, Shane’s pictures look just as good as anything Ford releases through their Marketing Department. He’s also someone that doesn’t just treat his truck like a precious toy, either. Shane’s out there riding the bumpy desert tracks and even doing donuts in the snow. He has a Raptor, and he’s not afraid of getting it a little dirty.

For those of us not able to drop the cash on a new Raptor ourselves, Shane’s Instagram provides a nice escape with pretty pictures of every imaginable angle of one of Ford’s premier products. Take a look, and don’t drool too much!

Charles Dean is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Rennlist, among other auto sites.

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