Instagram Hero Owns Collection of Incredible Ford Trucks

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The only thing better than looking at pics of Brian Bormes’ awesome Ford trucks is watching them in action!

For most of us, owning one awesome Ford is enough. We may covet much more than that, but realities (i.e. spouses, bank account balance) could dictate otherwise. But a gent by the name of Brian Bormes isn’t suppressed by concerns like those, no sir. He’s lucky enough to own not one, but four incredible Ford trucks that make his Instagram page a must-follow. And, well, he probably needs them because he lives in the snowy, frigid confines of South Dakota!

All of which means you’ll see plenty of pics of his Ford trucks playing around in the deep snow. And luckily, he also runs a YouTube page where you can watch them in action. The obvious Ford truck fanatic also has a diesel obsession, like most of America at the moment. Both his 1967 F-250 and 1979 Bronco feature Cummins swaps, while he’s eyeballing a gas 351 for his 1995 Bronco. He also has a pretty nicely modified Super Duty, to boot.

Even better, instead of sitting inside and eating milk and bread sandwiches like East Coasters, Bormes takes full advantage of his wintry surroundings. We can’t get enough of watching him drift and jump his Fords around his expansive property. And even when the sun comes out in the Black Hills, the fun doesn’t stop. Just check out his awesome Bronco getting vertical up some steep hills and drifting around corners!

Outside of his geographical location, we’re obviously rather jealous of Bormes and his incredible selection of Ford trucks. But then again, many of us who own similar toys don’t get to properly enjoy them like he does. So perhaps it’s time to seek out a plot of land somewhere deep in the Midwest. And maybe scope out the local yards for proper diesel swap candidates! Unfortuantely, owning this many toys means that Bormes doesn’t get to cruise around in his “one horsepower” ride much, however.

Haven't ridden the horse much in this cold

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