Here’s How the F-150’s Price Has Changed Since 1950

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The price of America’s best-selling truck has remained competitive through the decades.

Everyone already knows that the Ford F-Series is America’s best-selling truck line for 40 consecutive years. In addition, the Ford F-150 is the best-selling vehicle, not just pickup truck. That’s pretty impressive by any standards.

Over the last 40 years the F-150 has changed quite a bit. In a new infographic by Blue Springs Ford Parts, you can see just how much the F-150’s (and early half-ton Fords) price and style has changed in the last 67 years!

Back in 1950, you could purchase a Ford F1 half-ton truck for $1,287. That doesn’t seem like very much at all in 2017, but when you adjust for inflation, that price jumps to $12,968.21. That’s a huge increase, but less than half of what one would cost nowadays. Over the years the price has risen, of course, but it’s also important to notice the pricing trends.

The most noticeable trend is the price jump between eras. Because Ford sells a ton of these trucks to consumers and businesses, pricing always has to be competitive and reflect the current financial situation. When the economy was at a high during the mid-‘90s, the cost of the F-150 jumped almost $4,000. However, when the economy took a hit late-2008, the F-150’s price actually dropped by almost $8,000 (adjusted for inflation) from 2002.

As of 2017, prices seems to hover around the same as the last two years, but who knows what the future holds. With customers expecting more and more creature comforts and bells and whistles, we could see more price jumps in the near future.

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