Indiana Joins List of States Invaded by Ford Super Duty Thieves

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I love writing about the latest news, the coolest trucks, and the craziest Ford truck videos, but sometimes I have to put those stories aside, and share not so positive news with you.

Not too long ago we shared with you the news of an organized group of thieves sweeping through New Mexico, stealing all the Ford F-250s and F-350s they could get their hands on. Since then, similar news have come out of the state with the biggest truck population in the country—Texas, as well as Arizona. Now, it’s even more frustrating, because my own State of Indiana has joined that list.


According to The Indy Channel, a ring of thieves has been targeting Indiana, specifically  greater Indianapolis, which is where I live. Several Ford Super Duty trucks have been stolen while at gas stations, store parking lots, and even people’s driveways. While it’s infuriating that people are having their hard-earned Fords stolen, it’s even more so for the various small-business owners that rely on these trucks to keep their businesses afloat and feed their families.


I hope that all of us Ford truck fans can utilize this website and forum to learn about each other’s trucks, as well as keep an eye out to help each other out. If you hear about a theft in your area, keep your eyes open. You never know what could happen.

Stay safe!

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Story & Photos via: [The Indy Channel]

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