Incredibly-cool Ford Bread Truck Uncovered by FTE

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Ford Bread Truck

Are hot-rod vintage Ford delivery trucks the next big thing? Judging by this thread, it sure seems like it!

If there’s an obscure, rare, or just plain interesting Ford truck out there in the world, chances are, Ford Truck Enthusiasts members are going to find it. And oftentimes, buy it. You know, in the interest of saving a piece of history. But one of the coolest finds we’ve seen in the forums lately has to be this 1950 Ford delivery truck that member andy.clary came across recently. And considering how cool the old truck is, it’s no surprise that it sparked a fascinating discussion in this thread.

“Saw this truck for sale on my way home today here in Kennewick, WA,” writes Andy. “I am not sure what I would do with it and my wife would kill me if I brought it home, but it is cool!”

Funny enough, he isn’t the only one who’s been contemplating buying this old Ford, either.

“I’ve been driving by that for months now trying really hard not to stop,” admits 52 Merc. “It looks rougher in that pic than I thought it was, going by at 35-40 mph. That roof looks hammered. Something like this I always thought would make a really cool swap meet hauler. You could carry a lot of junk, er, treasures, in that.”

He also posts a pic of a very cool vintage Ford delivery truck ad that shows us what this relic might have looked like back in its heyday.

Ford Wonder Bread Ad

It appears that the allure of these big old delivery trucks is just too strong for most of us to resist. Including iwanaflattie, who just picked up one of his own.

“Just bought this. I know I’m crazy. It’s a 1955 P-350 model. Ford made the chassis and Vanette finished the body. 8-lug wheels and it seems the gas tank is the same as the F-100 model panel vans. Someone swapped a Y-block and 4 speed into it already.”

Ford Delivery Truck

It might seem crazy. But it’s hard to blame him given his inspiration/future plans for the old Ford.

Ford Delivery Truck

If we didn’t know any better, we might think that hot rodding old Ford delivery trucks is the next hot trend around these parts. And it’s easy to see why! So we’re curious to know – do you have one of these old square rides in your possession? If so, head over here and share it with us!

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