Incredible 1969 Ford F-100 Trophy Truck Shreds the Desert

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Honest-to-goodness vintage Ford F-100 features modern mechanicals. But it’s still our new favorite trophy truck!

Desert racing is undoubtedly the toughest test of man and machine on the planet. Blasting across rugged terrain at incredible speeds and sticking huge jumps takes a massive toll on both metal and bone, after all. Thus, the vast majority of trophy trucks out there are brand new.

Heck, you can even buy a turnkey Baja machine in the Ford Raptor. And yet, the incredible 1969 Ford F-100 you see here is more than capable of keeping up with those fancy, newfangled trucks. And it sure looks the part in this amazing video by HeatWaveVisual.

1969 Ford F-100

Of course, this destroyer of deserts only looks like a vintage Ford F-100 on the outside. Underneath, it sports the same modern mechanicals as your average trophy truck. Because, well, the truck’s driver, Chris Isenhouer, probably wants to be competitive, you know. That’s kind of the point of professional racing.

Regardless, the build started out with an honest-to-goodness 1969 Ford F-100. From there, the highly skilled crews at HRT Motorsports and Isenhouer Racing got to work making it a proper off-road racing machine. That includes the installation of a long-travel suspension with 24-inches of travel up front and 29 in the rear.

1969 Ford F-100

There’s just one bone to pick with this incredible truck, of course. Instead of sticking with Ford power, it now sports a built LS under the hood. Still, that GM mill produces somewhere in the neighborhood of 700-1,000 horsepower. So it has little trouble catapulting off hills like some sort of mechanical jackrabbit.

1969 Ford F-100

The real story here is that Isenhouer could have taken the easy road and just started with a brand new truck. But instead, he dared to be different and put in the work needed to stand out. In the end, we’d say those efforts were well worth it. Because his Ford F-100 is our new favorite trophy truck!


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