Immaculate 1964 Ford Falcon Ranchero Awaits You in Texas

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This May in Texas, Vicari Auctions will offer for bid this immaculate 2nd generation, 3rd year production brilliant blue 1964 Ford Falcon Ranchero. The specs are spotty and pricing is missing from the Vicari website listing but the pictures look too good to pass up. There is enough filled-in for a semi-pro to see it’s an authentic Ranchero from Ford (not cut up) and kept as an era piece.

All this was determined on the listing page where the seller states it’s proper VIN and that it is the, “original motor and transmission” as well as the matching codes to the body I assume. The Falcon Ranchero shares its foundation with the front-engine, rear-drive Mustang and Mercury Comet of the era which were designed for performance. Right over 181 inches long this compact coupe must feel nimble yet floaty through the canyon roads with its form fitted pickup bed.


This 289 cubic inch engine model sounds juicy too with its V8 spinning through a smooth and easy original 3-speed automatic transmission. The V8 features tech like a 4 barrel carb, High Dollar Intake and dual exhaust adding a bit of style and sound. Keeping its authentic powertrain speaks highly of the owner’s care.

These types of unaltered classics kept in good condition are beautiful museum pieces. Especially this 1964 Falcon Ranchero in Texas in particular for its a super rare Ford model in this day in age plus being extremely coveted for its engine and transmission configuration. This is quite the exciting auction happening this Spring in The Lone Star State. Hope Vicari finds a good home that keeps it this showroom shape. The perfect Spring to Summer coastal touring or vacationing passenger car with cargo room.

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