Illegal Off-Roading Can Be Quite Hazardous

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Surely we’ve all thought about it before; taking our truck somewhere where it’s not really allowed and doing some off-roading. It could be private property owned by a neighbor. It could be a game refuge or national park. The thing is, when you go off-roading where you really shouldn’t, you could run into some unintended consequences.

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At the Palmer Hay Flats in Alaska, it’s becoming a real problem. Vehicles are allowed to off-road there, given that they have a permit and that the state has deemed the ice thick enough to drive on, but that doesn’t stop people from going anyway. Since they’re not permitted to off-road at the park, they don’t have marked trails or guides on how deep the water is, how thick the ice is frozen, and so on.

So if you’re the Ford driver in this news report, you quickly realize that you are up a creek without a paddle. Breaking through the ice and getting stuck is enough to ruin your day, but it’s also costly in terms of damage to the truck, the cost of removing the vehicle, and the $10,000 fine that can result from criminal charges.

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There are many places across the country where you can safely off-road and not risk going to jail. Off-road parks are an inexpensive (assuming you don’t break your truck) and safe way to have fun.

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via [KTVA Alaska]

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