If You’re Champ Enough, Buy This Denver Broncos Bronco

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Denver Broncos Edition Ford Bronco

Ford has been stingier than the Denver Broncos world-beating defense in giving us a new Bronco, but now you can pick up something even better. Well, if you’re a Denver fan that is.

This Denver Broncos Special edition is currently up for sale on eBay with a “buy-it-now” price of $75,000. Which seems more than reasonable, considering Broncos merchandise is hot right now.

The truck actually has an ingenious backstory: back in the early ’70s, off-road legend Bill Stroppe was working with Ford on a limited edition Bronco based on the one he used in the Baja 1000. Ford would give Stroppe stock Broncos, and his shop would crank on ’em and send them off to dealerships nationwide.

In 1975, after building a couple hundred orange/red, blue and white Stroppe specials, the partnership fizzled. But there were still 214 trucks on order. And when a Golden Ford found out about the surplus, an orange and blue light bulb went off.

Fox News tells us that Golden Ford, “purchased the lot of them, painted the roofs Grabber Blue, added white fender flares, and marketed them as Denver Broncos Specials, creating one of the rarest breeds of the SUV. According to a Ford archivist, there were 138 Sport Package and 76 Ranger Package Broncos that were given the ‘Orange Crush’ tribute treatment. All were equipped with the 1975 model’s standard 302 V8, and just 77 of them were delivered with a 3-speed manual transmission.”

This fully-restored truck is one of those 77. Which makes it all the more important, again, if you’re a Denver fan. Because any good Denver fan knows that the Orange Crush defense led the Broncos to the team’s first Super Bowl in 1977. During that season, the great Lyle Alzado chased quarterbacks all over the field while wearing number 77. After that, Broncos Ring of Fame linebacker Karl Mecklenburg wore the number during a decade of greatness.

So yeah, this is pretty much the ultimate Broncos Bronco.

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