If You Need Something Delivered in a Hurry, Call This Ford Transit Driver

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Rapid Transit

Yesterday, I brought you all news of a British perspective on what Ford’s fastest vehicles are.

Today, I present to you a Blue Oval owned by a Dutch man named Nathan Sijpkes. In the following video, it’s not clear if he thinks his six-speed diesel Transit van is fast, but he certainly takes it to the place where many performance cars are developed and wrung out: Germany’s Nurburgring.

As if the track’s numerous curves and elevation changes aren’t challenging enough, Sijpkes careens through them with a full load of chairs and bags in the tuned Transit’s cargo hold on his way to a time of 10:26 (the Transit’s very distant cousin, the Shelby Mustang GT350R, completed the course in 7:32).

Watch Sijpkes defy physics – and death-by-rollover – by clicking the play button below.

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via [Art of Gears]

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