TRUCKED UP Idiot Drowns New Ford Super Duty

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ford drwon

Some people in this world are dumber than others. It’s just a fact of nature that some people will not be blessed with the same level of brain power as others. We usually call the less intelligent ones “Chevy Owners,” but occasionally one of these people happens to buy a Ford instead. This appears to be one such case where a brand new Ford Super Duty was being used to lower a boat into the water.

You probably know where this is going…

ford drown

Cut forward a few minutes, and someone hopped out of the driver’s seat and didn’t put it into park and the truck promptly rolled into the water and drowned itself. The video we have here is some footage from the marina as a lone tow truck pulls the sad beast from its watery grave.

Hopefully next time this idiot will buy a Chevy and leave the good trucks to intelligent people.

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