ICON Bronco Derelict Roadster: Pure Patina’d Perfection

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Until now, every ICON Bronco has featured a show worthy exterior. But we love every dent and ding on this Derelict.

By now, you’re most likely very familiar with the amazing (re)creations rolling out of Jonathan Ward‘s shop, known as ICON. We’ve featured a number of his restomods, which are all inherently different, yet carry similar DNA. That includes retro looks combined with modern mechanicals and loads of custom fabricated details. But while every ICON vehicle we’ve seen in the past is, well, perfect, this latest ICON Bronco isn’t. But that’s just part of the appeal, you see.

This particular 1966 Ford Bronco Roadster has received what ICON likes to call the “Derelict” treatment. Essentially, it’s a brand new vehicle underneath, like every other ICON creation. But on the outside, Ward and his crew retained the vehicle’s stock looks, wear, patina, and even dents and dings. And in the case of this ICON Bronco, it results in one of the more unique builds you’ll ever see.

1966 ICON Bronco Derelict Roadster

Ward actually purchased this Bronco from the original owner, who had even taken his wife on their first date in it. Once it rolled into the shop, that history and the condition of the SUV convinced him that the Derelict treatment was necessary to preserve it. As Ward explains, he’s “a sucker for a good story. And every bump and bruise and scratch tells its own story.” So why not preserve all those years of history?

It only took one simple pic on Instagram to snag an interested customer who agreed with that assessment. But despite the preservation of the cosmetics here, this ICON Bronco still underwent a ton of work.

1966 ICON Bronco Derelict Roadster

There’s a new Art Morrison chassis underneath, fitted with goodies like Fox shocks, Brembo brakes, Dana axles, and ARB lockers. And of course, power comes from a new third-gen Coyote V8. The modern mill is backed up by a 5-speed AX15 manual transmission.

Talk about the best of both worlds. But perhaps the best thing about this project is the fact that the new owner already has many years of memories packed into his brand new ride!

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