This ICON 1965 Ford F-250 Crew Cab Is Hot Hot Hot

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ICON built what could easily be the most incredible 1965 F-250, but it was the foundation of the build that really shocked us! Not to mention the price…

It’s no secret that the ’60s produced some of the most beautiful Ford trucks ever. Whether slammed to the ground or raised like this silver beauty, restored trucks from this era have a special character that can’t be matched.

As you may already know, ICON builds some of the most exquisite and off-road-capable machines in the world. We’ve featured several Ford Broncos built by them, and they’re nothing short of stunning. Of course, this F-250 falls under such category as well. But don’t take our word for us, listen to custom vehicle designer Jonathan Ward tell you all about this incredible Ford truck.


For starters, the exterior has been completely restored to look even better than it did when new. The belt line features an exquisite “hammered” steel look to it, and oozes some of the original flair from the era. In typical ICON fashion, every single part of the interior has been taken apart, re-constructed, coated, or simply replaced with a nicer and higher-quality component. The result of this obsession with detail is simply amazing.

Perhaps the only negatives of this custom F-250 have to do with its chassis and engine. We won’t spoil it for ya, but we’ll give you a hint: they didn’t come from Ford.

Enjoy the video!

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