Is There a Hybrid Bronco in the Works?

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Hybrid Bronco

Ford Is Sending a Huge Message to the Industry about Electricifaction. Could a Hybrid Bronco Be Part of the Revolution?

The day has come, friends. The day when even the most iconic and ‘Murican machines are set to be electrified in the name of emissions, efficiency and longevity. In case you haven’t heard, Ford CEO Mark Fields confirmed on January 3 the production of the F-150 Hybrid. Oh, and as if that didn’t rattle enough cages, also coming is the Ford Mustang Hybrid.

That’s about as big as it gets when it comes to news, for the exception of killing an old model, or bringing a new one to life. Most relevant, is the fact that Ford also promised to deliver an all-new fully electric SUV by 2020. We can only help but wonder if any of that technology will make its way into the upcoming Ford Bronco.

Could there be a hybrid Bronco, or even so, a fully electric Bronco in the works? It’s really not that far fetched, especially with Ford’s heavy push for new technologies. Keep in mind the newly-announced $700 million dollar investment to create a Manufacturing Innovation Center at its Flat Rock Assembly Plant, where Ford will build the all-new small utility vehicle with extended battery range. In addition, the fully autonomous vehicle for ride-sharing will be birthed at said facility.

Hybrid bronco

Ford isn’t a stranger to making big bets on the future. In fact, its entire business strategy has been extremely long term-based since the recession of 2008. Making the switch to aluminium, introducing EcoBoost, and building lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicles are all a part of it. Therefore, vehicle electrification and engine diversification are just the next logical step.

The Future

Certainly the upcoming Bronco won’t only offer a hybrid power plant. It’ll most likely feature an entry-level, mid-range, and range-topping engine similar to the Escape, Edge and Explorer engine lineup. A hybrid, and possibly a fully electric model would only diversify said lineup.

Think Ford is done with the big announcements? Think again, because the North American International Auto Show (Detroit) is just around the corner. Ford is doing big things, that’s a fact!

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