HUMP DAY JUMP! The White Bronco Bites the Dust

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While most of us might attribute the white Ford Bronco to being the ride of choice for certain famous criminals who seek to engage in a low speed chase, today’s video shows us that they are skilled at a few other things. We’re certainly not hating on these extraordinary rides — in fact, it’s quite the contrary. After all, what’s wrong with having a few more things to remember them for?

And you can certainly add jumping to the list! In today’s video, we get to see a white Bronco jump big. Unfortunately, things don’t end so well for the Bronco. While it does keep driving for a little bit after impact, the title of the clip tells us that, unfortunately, this was the rig’s last hurrah. Of course, that’s exactly what we expected, given that the estimated distance of this bound was ninety-eight feet!

Check out the video below and see the high-flying rig in action!

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