Watch This Semi Get Airborne!

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Most of the time here on Ford-Trucks we bring you videos of some of the most death-defying, perfect, or all-out wrong jumps performed by amateurs and professionals alike. Most of the time these involve stock vehicles or heavily converted competition trucks that were, at one time, stock.

However, this video is a bit different than those. Rather than your everyday Ford Ranger, Explorer, or Bronco, this jump involved a massive Ford LTL semi-truck and a very, very big jump. So next time you wonder what those semi-truck drivers do in their spare time, you can be sure that they are dreaming of this.

Ford LTI Jump

This jump is shown from several amazing viewpoints, including a camera that it mounted at the top of the machine that goes tumbling when the truck hits the ground. The jump was 101.9 feet and, yes, the driver did walk away alive and intact.

In fact, the jump was performed very well and the semi finds itself landing rather smoothly on the other side. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. And to any semi-truck drivers out there — please do not try this at home!

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