Watch a Packed F-250 Diesel Takes Off!

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Now, we’ve seen trucks fly plenty of times. Sometimes it’s for the best, and results in a fun and enjoyable time. Other times there are more repairs and whiplash than it’s worth for the driver of the Ford.

This video shows a 2001 Ford F-250 Powerstroke flying off a massive ramp and on its way to a $1000 repair for a bent front axle.

2001 F-250 Powerstroke Jump

The truck is big, loud, and lifted — and I’m sure all the Ford truck enthusiasts out there can just smell the diesel in the air as the rig plows its way through the skies.

Despite the damage caused by the wreck, everyone seems to have had a great time. The truck is full of people, who all show signs of wonderful enthusiasm as the truck rolls back over to the watching crowd.


Shouts of joy ensue, and everyone seems quite proud. Whether or not they kept that joy when they saw the repair bill, we’ll never know!

So check out this massive red Ford F-250 push its way to victory. One thousand dollars or not, no one can deny that this jump certainly resulted in a great time.

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