Watch These Ford Transit Vans Really Soar!

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The jumps we show here are often interesting. Sometimes they end in wrecks, and other times they end with perfection. And sometimes you have to wonder what the driver was thinking to begin with. However, our videos often consist of Ford pickups, SUVs, or even a semi.

Maybe the driver of this week’s video pick (below) was inspired by stuntman Steve Matthews (above), who back in 1985 launched a Ford Transit successfully over 15 cars. Then again, maybe not.

This time, however, we bring you a video of a Ford Transit van jumping over a bridge. We can’t tell you these guys thought this would be a good idea, but it is wonderful for the entertainment of all the Ford truck enthusiasts out there!

The video starts out with our cameraman informing us (or himself) that they are coming. It soon becomes apparent as to what he means when a white Ford Transit van launches out of nowhere and through the sky.

Ford Transit Van JumpsWe also have a cockpit camera where we get to hear the crazed enthusiasm of the driver and his passenger. The van may have survived the ordeal, or maybe not. Either way it made for a good bit of fun for the viewer of the video! So sit back, relax,and enjoy the show!

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Vintage photograph courtesy of Ford. 

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