HUMP DAY JUMP Watch a Ford Ranger Touch the Sky!

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Ford Ranger Jump

The Ford Ranger is an icon. They are great examples of what it means to be Build Ford Tough, whether that applies to them working, off-roading, or — in this case — jumping.

We won’t condone the behavior shown in the following video, mainly because, despite how awesome it is, this depicts the last few moments of this Ranger as we know it.

This jump managed to break the block, and oil went everywhere. Apparently the block actually caught on fire for a while afterwards.

Even so, this red beast cleared a fifty foot gap and remained in one piece! With a few suspension modifications this Ford would have easily been fine after descending back to Earth.

Still, it’s pretty awesome to watch some amateurs take their Ford out for a day of fun, ill-advised or not!

Check out the video below and enjoy it, since this Ranger won’t be making any more. And if you have a Ranger — or any Ford, for that matter — please do not abuse it like this! Take a Chevy or a Toyota out for this kind of abuse instead!

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