Hump Day Jump: Watch this Ford Ranger Leap to Its Death

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Ford Ranger Leaps to Its Death
This video proves that the death of your truck doesn’t necessarily have to be a sad thing. Some people might sorrowfully drive their trusty truck until it finally just gives, but these guys thought that putting their hefty Ranger out of its misery might just be a tad bit more fun. Deciding to jump their Ford, they set up the truck a decent distance from the mound of dirt they are using as a ramp. Then, of course, they rev up the engine and roar forward – to a fifty foot jump!

They hit the ground with a massive thud and continue to roll for a moment afterwards. Oddly, it isn’t the axle that breaks, or the steering column, and the tires stay perpendicular to the ground – so what does give way? The impact broke the engine block itself! The good ol’ truck bled out, and oil was everywhere. Interestingly, the oil actually caught on fire for a little while before, at last, it was all over.

These guys were definitely not shy about jumping their truck, and it paid the price – there’s no doubt about that! Nonetheless, I can’t think of a Ford fan out there who wouldn’t take off their hat in a courteous respect for this trustworthy Ranger. Take a look at the video below and watch this Ford leap to its death!

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