Watch this Ford Launch into a Mud Pit!

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ford1We’re not entirely sure what year this truck is or, for that matter, if it’s a F-100, 150, 250, or so on. We’re also not sure what the point of this jump is or if it was simply a random spur-of-the-moment thing to do.

Ford Jumping into Mud PitIt’s clear from the noise (or from what you can hear over the roar of the truck’s engine) that there is some sort of crowd gathered around. Even so, for all we know they could have stolen the thing and gotten their friends together to throw a party.

ford1aYou’d have to ask them. All we know for sure is that this is a Ford wallowing in all of it’s bad-ass goodness as it leaps off an insanely high ramp and into a significantly deep pit of mud. And does it get stuck? No, of course not! Built Ford Tough, remember?

fordsplashThis video starts very abruptly and you may actually have to restart it in order to actually get a solid look at the jump. Of course, it’s well worth it.

fordThe leap is from a very high height and ends in mud – who wouldn’t like that? Enjoy it as you watch the beast plow through the watery muck and to dry land. Nothing will stop this Ford!

ford2If you have a guess as to what the Ford specifically is, then leave it in the comments! But even without fully knowing all Ford truck enthusiasts ought to love this tribute to their strength and might. So sit back, relax, enjoy the show – and smile at the power of Ford trucks!

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