See a Tough Ford Fly, Hit a Wall & Jump Again

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This Ford truck is great. It looks great, it rides great, and it jumps great. It also is wonderful at crashing. This driver seems to be a little overly excited to take their Ford to this Tuff Trucks competition and jump it on the track, so much so that as they jump on the mound toward the back they forget about the fact that, well, there is a wall.

hump2The driver gives some of the organizers a bit of a scare, apparently, since after he doesn’t move the truck for a few long moments several of them come walking over to check on him.

humpEven so, he jumps right back on the gas pedal to successfully jump a few more superb times. Though it is fairly obvious that he does not dare get too close to the walls he actually makes several more giant leaps. The truck doesn’t seem fazed by the hit in the least and appears to have no issues flying once more.

jump 1 - 1Check out the video and cringe at the whiplash you know the driver experienced. Still, it’s quite fun to watch. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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