Hump Day Jump: Watch this Cringe-Inducing Jump That Ends With a Thud

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Cringe-Inducing Ford Jump
I have to say – I’m really glad I wasn’t the driver of this Ford. Take a look at this brick-nosed Ford truck as it launches through the air and… fails horribly at the landing. This is one of those moments that makes cringe and rub your neck at the very thought of the whiplash from the hit. A moment like this should also make you very, very thankful that cars and trucks alike have airbags nowadays. This is a jump that was no good for any one or anything – except, of course, the laughing and cringing spectators. The driver likely didn’t feel to good for a few days, and the truck certainly isn’t unscathed from the impact – but hey, you know it’s a Ford when it keeps on chugging, right?

So enjoy watching this pain-inducing video at the expense of the driver and the truck. Smile to yourself and just be happy that you weren’t driving this truck during such a rough beating. Hug your loved ones, promise your truck you will never do such a cruel, heartless thing, and then go to sleep in peace. After all, good entertainment can hard to come by these days, can’t it?

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