HUMP DAY JUMP! Two Ford Raptors Jump Simultaneously

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FTE Jump

While opinions on the Ford Raptor are widely varied, with some saying that they are outstanding and others claiming that for the same price you could modify an F-150 yourself, we have to admit, we really do like these rides.

Of course, it would be difficult¬†not¬†to love a truck that comes from the factory all decked out and ready to go. From jumping to off-roading and everything in between, the Raptor can definitely handle it. And in today’s video, we get to see just that!

In the clip we see two Ford Raptors, a red one and a white one, leaping side by side at the dunes. It’s pretty well executed, and certainly makes us smile. But, really, who doesn’t love seeing Ford trucks get airborne? And with giant flags hanging out the back and a clean look, we’d say that these rides looked good while showing off just how Ford Tough they are!

Check out the video below and see the bound for yourself!

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