HUMP DAY JUMP Thug Life Raptor Jumps Railroad Tracks

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This video is a bit different than what we usually show on our weekly HUMP DAY JUMP feature! Of course, that isn’t a bad thing. Not entirely.

No, you won’t see a pre-runner Ranger leaping on the dunes or an old, beat up Ford Explorer smacking in the ground. Sorry about that. But what you will see today is a Ford Raptor in its natural environment, and still jumping anyway!

Though we can’t confirm whether or not this Raptor jumped on purpose, we can confirm that dash cameras are excellent to have. After all, you can catch great stuff like this!

In the clip below you will see the Raptor approach the tracks, and then drive — well, rather, fly — over them. All four wheels are off the ground as the rig does so, and just as advertised the Ford seems to have no issues with the rather “small” and insignificant jump on public roads.

So what are you waiting for? Watch this Raptor become a thug on the street, whether it be purposeful or not!


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