HUMP DAY JUMP The Best Ford Truck Jumps of 2015

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FTE Jump 3

There are many ways that 2015 could be described, and those descriptions could certainly vary a lot from person to person. However, some phrases we might lean toward would be high-flying, destructive, and unpredictable. This is because our year has been filled with airborne Ford trucks, broken axles, and a whole lot of fun! Of course, that’s what our HUMP DAY JUMP feature is all about!

Today we’ll be taking a moment to look back on the top three jumps of 2015, since this has certainly been a superb year!

Taking third place as we come to the conclusion of these twelve months is a video showing a Ford Ranger jump “General Lee Style.” While the jump itself isn’t the biggest of the best that we’ve seen (though it is impressive,) the clip itself is what really gets us. Once all the wheels of this Ranger leave the ground, the video pauses and the Dukes of Hazzard theme song begins to play.

While the Ford is definite not General Lee, the correlation seems obvious and quite fitting. After all, this rig gets some serious air!

Coming in second is a series of jumps by a Ford Ranger Pre-Runner. This video is set to the song, strangely, seems to actually be fitting for the well-done video. We get to see this white Ranger jump, slide, and have a ton of fun at Ocotillo Dunes in the clip, and we definitely enjoy every minute of it. Then again, who wouldn’t?

The quality of the video and the abundance of jumps, both big and small, make this a fun watch for anyone!

The bound that has managed to snag the first place spot is a bit more destructive than the previous two, and we absolutely love it. In this clip, this “Mega Bronco Gets Destroyed” while performing a truly insane jump! The beginning of the video isn’t where the crazy leap takes place. In fact, it’s about at the halfway mark where we get to see the driver get just a little too confidant and jump a little higher than he probably should have.

The result? Well, a very broken Bronco. Still, the driver seems sure that he will have it fixed in no time so he can come jump again! Even if the Bronco did fly for the last time, it went out with quite a bang!

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