Stone Wall Ford Ranger Jumps Big

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Tough truck races feature one thing — tough trucks. So, naturally, many Ford rigs show up to these events, and they tend to do well. Whether you’re looking at an F-150, a Bronco, an Explorer, or a Ranger; each and every one of these rights has the ability to get some serious air, and, somehow, come out of the whole ordeal okay. Considering that this is the main point of the Tough Truck series, we’d say Ford fits right into the mix. Today’s video proves that to be even more true than it already is!

FTE Jump

In today’s video, we get to see a Ford Ranger race across the Tough Truck track. As one would expect, the rig does very well, taking the jumps fast and timing everything well. Plus, the roar of the engine is quite a beautiful sound! Though by no means stock, this Ranger is pretty admirable. Dubbed the “Stone Wall” Ford Ranger by the markings on the side, we’re betting this rig has made a name for itself!

Check out the video below and see the excitement for yourself!

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