Watch This Red Ford Fly at the 2014 Dam Jump Competition!

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Red Ford Jumping at Dam Jump Competition

August 9th was an exciting day in Imlay, Michigan. Every month the Mud Bog is held at the Country Compound in Imlay, and all sorts of trucks and other lifted monsters come to show their stuff.

During the Mud Bog, the Dam Jump Competition is held. This consists of trucks — and a few other daring counterparts — leaping into a pit of mud and trudging to the edge of the muck.

jumpThis video shows a rather daring red Ford leaping high into the clouds and making his way to the end of the boggy waters with relative ease.

One wonderful touch on the Ford are the sirens that are mounted atop the truck and seem to be on and blaring as he makes the plunge. Gotta hand it to the guy for some pizzazz, right? He seems to do amazingly well in his trusty Ford, and one can only hope he fared well in the competition!

On a side note, if you take a passing look off to the side you’ll see another competitor in the Dam Jump Competition: A very sad-looking lifted Camaro leaning heavy to the side. Just be glad to drive a Ford!

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