Watch a Ford Ranger Jump and Wreck – Again

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Ford Ranger Jumps!

What do you do with a Ford Ranger after you’ve wrecked it? Well, to these guys the answer appears simple: Wreck it some more!

We’re not sure what the white Ranger smashed into before it decided to take the the skies, but it seems awfully clear that afterwards it stuck its nose into a nearby tree.

The jump itself is actually quite good, and everything seems just swell until the tires hit the ground and reality sets in for the driver. It takes just a little bit too long, and the chance of a safe recovery has passed by the time he slams on the brakes!

Even so, this is wonderful entertainment for the Ford truck enthusiast, and anyone else who simply enjoys seeing things get beaten up a little.

Whether or not this Ranger was able to recover from the nasty hit, but even if it didn’t we ought to salute it for its valiant demise. Don’t worry, the driver walked away from the wreck (it’s a trusty Ford, after all!).

The best part of the video, from my perspective, is when the tires fling violently out of the bed of the rig as it crashes against the tree. Watch the video and tell us what your favorite moment was!

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