HUMP DAY JUMP Powerstroke Prius-Killer Rocks Mud Track and Jumps Big!

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Ford Powerstroke Jump

When most people think of Ford trucks, we don’t usually think of them as being environmentally friendly.

That is beginning to change to some degree with the new EcoBoost engines, but overall this thought holds true.

This video is a wonderful example as to why this though remains, and it is great enough to make Ford enthusiasts everywhere smile!

This F-250 Super Duty Powerstroke has taken on a muddy obstacle course at the West Georgia Mud Park, and it seems to have a blast.

With every touch of the throttle it roars — and spits out a factory’s worth of black smoke. This Prius-killing Ford is absolutely excellent at riding the course, and even gets one rather large a solid leap in before the day is done. So not only can these rigs handle a little dirt and grime, but they can also fly!

Check out the video below and watch this yellow F-250 having a ton of fun in the air and in the mud! By the time it’s all over it looks as if the tailgate — and maybe even the whole bed — want to come off!

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