HUMP DAY JUMP Mega Bronco Gets Destroyed in Insane Jump!

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Mega Bronco Jump

The Ford Bronco is the toughest truck out there, or so it seems at times. They can be beaten down and destroyed and yet somehow always come back from the grave to do it all over again.

The owner of this amazing “Mega Bronco” took his rig out to the West Georgia Mud Park to have a little fun on the jumps. What started as the good-natured joy of leaping on the hills soon turned into an adrenaline rush with just a bit of overconfidence.

As you watch the video, this guy seems to just be having fun. He is gliding over the bumps and soaring smartly back to earth. It is obvious that he has to be rather light on the throttle as he is driving.

After all, just judging by the roar of the engine we’re sure that an absolutely monstrous V8 is under the hood! Despite having his fun jumping for a while, he soon tries to get his jumps to get bigger and better.

He succeeded.

In his final jump he leaps high into the sky — which is pretty awesome to watch — but then lands harshly on the back wheels and ends up bouncing toward the crowd. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Well, except the truck. The Mega Bronco landed on its wheels once more, but was most certainly not intact!

Despite the injuries this Ford underwent, the owner has assured the world that it will be back to race next year. We’ll definitely want to see if the jump can get any bigger and better!

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