Watch a Ranger Soar at Pismo Beach!

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Ford Ranger Jumps at Pismo Beach

Unfortunately, not every place in the world has a location like Pismo Beach, California where one can bring their truck to reek havoc as freely as they please. This Ford Ranger definitely seems to be enjoying that pleasure!

Though this video runs over three minutes long, don’t expect it to be dull. This truck is equipped with a dash camera, an underside camera, and a ground camera from outside the truck. One can easily find themselves questioning whether or not this is truly a truck or rather a kite. After all, most trucks don’t soar quite like this.

Take a look at this video and watch this spectacle of a jump take place. Most of us can only hope for a fun toy like this Ranger, but it is certainly fun to watch and appreciate.

So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy it as you take the ride with the driver from the buildup before the leap to the weightlessness in the air and the solid landing below. From the camera on the underside you can even the see the ant-like crowd watching from below. So, Ford truck fans, enjoy the show! Join the party in the forum.>>

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