HUMP DAY JUMP Lone Ranger Ford Performs Amazing Bounds

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FTE Jump

Though we’d be quick to say that this “Lone Ranger” Ford looks a little odd, considering that it has tall and narrow wheels and a rather small chassis tying it all together, that doesn’t make it any less admirable. After all, who doesn’t love a unique rig? Especially this one, considering that it is meant to perform some outstanding leaps and bounds performed on the track in today’s video!

The Ranger does look a bit tippy, but we’ll ignore that slight downfall and say that the jumps and the performance altogether makes up for this. There really isn’t much better than watching a Ford steal the show in a spectacular fashion such as this!

To say that this video is fun to watch would be a lie, as every Ford fan knows. It’s often hard to resist seeing these rides in their true element! Check out the video below and enjoy the show!

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