HUMP DAY JUMP! JFab Motorsports F-150 Attacks the Dunes

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FTE Jump

When it comes to jumping, we love seeing all sorts of different leaps and bounds. From amateurs slamming into trees to professional flying through the sky, every airborne Ford truck is worth seeing. It’s simply exciting to see a heavy, four-wheeled contraption skyrocket into the air, where it certainly isn’t meant to be. Who wouldn’t love that? While we’re sure that there are those who don’t, we are sticking to our guns and are just gonna say that they’re boring.

In today’s video we get to take a look a Ford F-150 (a JFab Motorsports F-150, mind you) jumping at the dunes. It’s always great to see a Ford that had been built with this purpose in mind, though it is less destructive than a stock Ford jump. The ride handles the bound flawlessly, and the truck gets airborne with a certain degree of grace. We definitely would love to be behind the wheel of this impressive rig!

Check out the video below and see the leap for yourself!

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