HUMP DAY JUMP Ford Raptor Leaps in Slow Motion!

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Ford Raptor Slow Motion Jump

Not everyone is a fan of the Ford Raptor. After all, for the same amount of money you pay for the Raptor you could sink tons of upgrades into an F-150 or a Ranger. Even so, there is no denying that, despite the cost, the Raptor gets the job done.

This video shows what seems to basically be a backyard jump in a red Ford Raptor. We’re not sure if there is a point to this, or if it’s just a ton of fun, but either way the jump is pretty cool.

The leap itself is not that high, and the rig doesn’t soar that far. But what is neat is that the video is in slow motion and you can see the suspension working flawlessly.

The Raptor takes the jump in a stride, and you can almost hear it telling the driver it wants more. So despite your love or hatred of the truck itself, the video is rather enjoyable for any Ford truck fanatic!

Check out the slow motion bound below!

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