HUMP DAY JUMP Ford Raptor Jumps Railroad Tracks

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FTE Jump

Though this isn’t the first video we’ve seen where a Ford truck jumps on the railroad tracks, it certainly is a clip worth watching! After all, this one is of a Ford Raptor and the leap is actually, well, deliberate. The bound might not be particularly high or far, but the fact that it’s on a real public street (we assume) coupled with the amount of dust that is kicked up in the Raptor’s wake makes this video just that much better!

We don’t really advise leaping the neighborhood railroad tracks in your town, but it does make for some good footage that we definitely enjoy seeing! Though we wouldn’t call a Ford Raptor your “average” daily driver, it is still a road-worthy potential daily driver that has proven itself many times over, on and off the road. We really aren’t surprised to see this rig having some fun and getting airborne — after all, the world is the Raptor’s playground! There’s nowhere it can’t go.

Check out the video below and see the leap for yourself!

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