HUMP DAY JUMP Ford Raptor at the 100 Acre Wood Rally

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FTE Jump

The Ford Raptor — stealing the show and mastering the dirt since 2010! This beast is rather under appreciated in the world of Ford truck enthusiasts. Some see it as a magnificent truck whereas others see it as a bad investment, but regardless of how one chooses to look at this rig there is simply no denying that it can manage just about anything that it may face off-road. It is equipped to handle it, and it works phenomenally. What’s the harm in that?

In this video we see a clip from the 100 Acre Wood Rally where a Ford Raptor soars straight over a cattle guard. Though not a particularly high or far leap, it was impressive nonetheless, and the Raptor had no problems at all taking it. Not that we’d expect it to have any problems, of course. Nothing can handle the challenges of an off-road course like a Ford truck! We’ve proven that countless times already.

Check out the video below and see the bound for yourself! There is nothing better than watching a well-equipped rig have a little bit of fun!

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