How to Make a Ford Ranger Fly

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FTE Jump

When it comes to jumping, we absolutely love it. And we’re not talking about jump rope, double dutch, or anything of that sort. We’re not even talking about RC rides, rally cars, or dirt bikes. No, we’re talking about Ford trucks. These multi-ton beasts leaping high into the air, soaring through the sky, and gliding back to, hopefully, a smooth landing. The reality is that we love to see these rigs fly, and we’re sure that many others agree.

In today’s video, we get to see a For Ranger, equipped with a V8 engine, soar swiftly through the air. The ride placed first in Jump Champs 2016, and it certainly seems deserved. In the clip, we get a view of the hood of the ride and beyond, which allows us to see the leap from a pretty impressive perspective. We’re sure it was more fun behind the wheels, but we still found the video a great deal of fun to watch!

Check out the video below and see the fun for yourself!

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