HUMP DAY JUMP! Ford Ranger PreRunner Jumps at Honor Farm

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FTE Jump

It doesn’t take much to appreciate a good truck jump. This is especially true when the driver knows what they’re doing, rather than, say, hitting a tree in the process. Well built Ford trucks, planned jumping points, and a smart driver are all it takes to have a solid and skilled jump. Whether it’s at the dunes, in the dirt, or on railroad tracks, all of this still applies. Of course, that isn’t to say that they’re aren’t better locales for this type of activity!

In today’s video we get to see a Ford Ranger PreRunner jumping at Honor Farm. The rig itself looks pretty good, and definitely seems prepared for the challenge! Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less from a PreRunner! The jump is a mound of dirt that slopes downward first and then upward at a sharp angle. The driver seems pretty smart too, and takes the jump at an even pace. They even come back around a second time after they have a better feel for the jump!

Check out the video below and see the bound for yourself!

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