HUMP DAY JUMP Ford Ranger Pre-Runner Jumps & Soars

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FTE Jump

Some of the videos that we show here on FTE consist of some very jealousy-inducing jumps. After all, not everyone has the ability to do some of these daring and enjoyable leaps and bounds! A major thing that makes many of us jealous is the presence of dunes.

Throughout the United States there really aren’t many dunes where you can take your ride and jump and fly all you wish. Thus, we find ourselves clutching out fists and shaking our heads when we see others who get to have this fun. Still, it doesn’t mean that the videos aren’t fun to watch!

Today’s Hump Day Jump video consists of a Ford Ranger Pre-Runner, some dunes, and a day off! The video is set to some music that, for once, actually seems to be fitting. The video is actually promotional footage shot at Ocotillo sand dunes. Still, seeing this white Pre-Runner leap is very enjoyable. After all, it was built for this very purpose and seems to truly be in its element!

But don’t take out word for it! Watch the video below and see this Ranger soar!

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