HUMP DAY JUMP Ford Ranger Jumps Big at the Dunes

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FTE Jump

So what happens when you mix  4.0L V6 Ford Ranger with massive sand dunes? Well, the outcome is exactly what you might expect, and maybe even better! This guy took his lifted Ranger out to the dunes, and captivated everyone with his massive and perfectly executed leap through the skies. Despite the music in the background, we’d still say that this jump is definitely a winner!

Though at first the vide0 seems rather dull and boring, if you skip to the 1:10 mark then you’ll see one impressive bound through the clouds. Obviously the cameraman is not the only one impressed, considering that the three dirt bike riders in the background can all be seen watching the Ford soar. We can’t blame them, though, since it is a fact that no one can resist such a glorious Ford truck!

So what are you waiting for? Watch the video below and see this 4.0 Ranger conquer the dunes!

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