HUMP DAY JUMP 1993 Ford Ranger 4×4 Jumps at Tough Truck Competition

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FTE Jump

When it comes to Tough Truck competitions, they can be a little rough. Thankfully, they’re meant to be that way, and it makes them that much more exciting to watch. Of course, this detail often makes it easy to spot a rookie among the professionals, as is the case with today’s video. It’s still fun to watch all the same, and maybe even more enjoyable. After all, who doesn’t like to watch some destruction?

This rookie from Knox Country took his 1993 Ford Ranger 4×4 out to this competition, and, despite some rather obvious slip-ups, we thoroughly enjoyed watching his performance. Early on he lands a pretty decent jump, only to overshoot the next and land on the ramp for the next leap. His turns are wide and uncoordinated, but he manages anyway.

The final jump is pretty exciting, as the ride goes crashing aggressively against the turf. Still, this rookie managed to complete the circuit, and his Ranger seemed to be in, at least overall, decent shape in the end.

Watch the video below and see the chaos for yourself!

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