HUMP DAY JUMP Ford Ranger Caught in the Wild

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FTE Jump

It really isn’t hard to see why people love the Ford Ranger so much. After all, it is a timeless machine that has carried its following through the decades.

Even though it is no longer made, at least in America, it is definitely a rig that people love and seek out. To begin with, it is a workhorse with more strength and reliability than many give it credit for. It is also excellent as a daily driver or, as we see in this video, as an exciting ride to have some fun in!

In this video we see a guy who, in his own words, shows us “how not to do it” as he refers to jumping his Ford Ranger on the street. Still, every thrill-seeker has been tempted. How could one not be?

Trucks were made for more than just the morning commute, after all! To not push the rig to and even beyond, its limits seems a bit wrong, really.

So while this jump may not have been completely positive for the truck, we’re sure it came out fine. After all, it is built Ford tough! Check out the video below and see the leap on the street for yourself!

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