HUMP DAY JUMP! Ford F-250 Takes a Beating at Woodstruck 2015

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FTE Jump

Nothing is better than watching things go wrong in the most entertaining way possible. While this doesn’t mean that whatever was pursued was unsuccessful, and certainly doesn’t mean that someone got hurt in the process, it does mean that the unpredictable (or laughably predictable) happened in the funniest way possible. And, really, who¬†wouldn’t enjoy watching that? We know that we do!

In today’s video, we get to see just that. This jump was from Woodstruck 2015 and shows an old school Ford F-250 jumping in slow motion off a mound of dirt. While the jump itself definitely isn’t bad, the landing is what we find so fun to watch. The bed twists and warps, making the rig look like it’s made out of rubber rather than steel. Of course, as a tribute to the toughness of Ford, it doesn’t completely fall apart!

Watch the video below and see the insanity for yourself!

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