HUMP DAY JUMP! Ford F-250 Jumps 55 Feet

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FTE Jump

When you take the time to lift your truck, throw on a few strong suspension parts, and make it look like a lean, clean, off-road machine, it only makes sense that you’d want to put the rig to good use. After all, while many people just do these things to their rides for show, it’s always better to actually put the ride to the test! That’s exactly what the driver of this Ford F-250 decided to do with his white lifted rig, and it is certainly interesting!

He chose to take it out and jump it, hoping that it would hold up to the strain. It definitely did, and even seemed to take the landings quite well. Of course, if you modify your ride right then it shouldn’t be a problem at all. The first leap in the video is a little conservative, but then the next is actually pretty wonderful. The bound was taken at thirty miles per hour, and got this driver fifty-five feet of air. That’s definitely impressive!

Check out the video below and see the high-flying fun for yourself!

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