HUMP DAY JUMP! Ford Bronco Daily Driver Makes a Big Leap

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While it’s always enjoyable to watch a Ford truck fly, it’s even better when there’s a little something extra, either with the truck, driver, or the jump itself. That could mean that the result ended in a funny and somewhat destructive way, the driver had a bit too much fun, or the jumps was on something a bit stranger than a hunk of dirt. It could also mean many other things, since I’m sure we’ll never see an end to human ingenuity when it comes to getting Ford trucks high into the sky!

As for today’s Hump Day feature, we get to see a 1993 Ford Bronco soar at the dunes. While this itself is already somewhat impressive, what’s even more so is that this ride also serves as a daily driver vehicle for its owner. Most of the time when we see rides leaping at the dune they’re specially built rigs that are made to handle the rigor of such an activity, but not this time. Instead, we get to see a commuter vehicle flex its Ford muscle, and we’d say that’s a great thing. After all, these rigs are certainly Built Ford Tough!

Take a look at the video below and see the Bronco fly high!


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