HUMP DAY JUMP Ford Explorer Leaps High and Deploys Airbags

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FTE Jump

Jumping Ford trucks is a fun pastime. Well, it is if you’re not too terribly concerned about your truck, or, maybe more relevant, your life.

Still, if you plan to take your ride out on some big fun jumps, there are some things you should probably see to first. Such as if your want the ride to live, maybe you ought to up your suspension a bit.

But maybe jumping the rig is just a “one last hurrah” type of a move, so why would you care about the suspension? Well, there are some safety mechanisms in vehicles that really are meant for road use, and while performing a jump they may become a rather large nuisance.

In this video we see a guy taking his Explorer our for (what we assume) is its last hurrah. He takes it off a rather large jump and certainly gets some decent air.

Still, common sense did not prevail before the stunt and, thus, upon impact the airbags deployed and the horn blazed. We’d be surprised if the guy’s pants weren’t soiled after being scared as badly as that.

But what are you reading this for? Watch the video and see the rather fun shenanigans go out with an interesting end!

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