HUMP DAY JUMP! Ford Explorer Launches Off of 300-Foot Cliff

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What’s it like to touch the sky? The closest many of us can comprehend probably involves a plane. But flight is a beautiful concept, difficult for us to relate to as sadly-wingless human beings. However, just like Superman, this Ford Explorer knows the feeling of soaring through the clouds. Of course, we’re sure its experience was a bit different than Superman’s, given their landing strategies vary to a rather painful degree.

And that’s to say that the Ford Explorer in today’s Hump Day Jump video really doesn’t have a landing strategy at all. It soars off the top of a three-hundred-foot (that’s 300′!) cliff, careening toward the trees below. It ghost revs a few times while in the air, before becoming a pancake on impact. But, not to worry! No one was driving the rig when it met its untimely end.

Check out the video below and see the truck learn to fly, then let us know what you think.

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