HUMP DAY JUMP Ford Explorer Really Rocks!

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FTE Jump

While we certainly do not recommend replicating this video, we do have to say that we absolutely love it. In today’s HUMP DAY JUMP video, we get to see a Ford Explorer launching itself over a pile of rocks — well, boulders, really.

As one might expect, the leap was nowhere near as neat as it would be if the truck has jumped off a ramp. Instead, the launch seems amazingly violent, and the landing isn’t what we’d call “pleasant.” But maybe that is exactly what makes this bound so impressive!

We’re not sure if there was any damage to the truck in the whole debacle, but we’d assume that the Explorer did not come back from that unscathed. After all, it was a pretty aggressive jump. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Explorer didn’t come back at all!

Check out the video below and see the chaotic jump for yourself!

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