HUMP DAY JUMP! Ford Explorer Goes for a Bumpy Ride

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FTE Jump

We love it when amateurs choose to have a little fun with their rides. It usually makes for a fun thing to watch; with the driver either being overly careful or overly ambitious when it comes to getting airborne in their daily driver.

Today is no exception, as we see a driver, that clearly appears to be a first-timer, take their relatively stock rig onto the Tough Truck track. We absolutely love the results.

The first leap is pretty clean, as they usually are, but the next few and rather scattered and, well, quite bumpy. Once the driver realizes that they’re overdone the last few jump, they slow down for the next.

This only results in them going too slow for the next ramp, and having the nose dive hard into the ground. For the final bound, they can’t seem to decide how fast is fast enough. They land with a rather bumpy thud, but the Explorer keeps on going. That’s pretty impressive, if we say so!

Check out the video below and see the insanity below!

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